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Each year in Oslo, the world cup in show jumping starts their indoor season.

This year, since it was 25 years since the first Oslo Horse show had taken place, it was a show class with four "national team comeback riders". The participated in the competition 25 years ago.
They all got 4 Warmblood horses and the competition they were meeting was four top world riders siting on four different Fjord horses.

What was supposed to be a "handicap" riding on Fjord horse, quickly turned into an advantage.
The Ford horses impressed everyone with their speed, jumping skills and clear round. Really showing of their all-round skills.

And on top winning the competition, we would find the very fast Dutch rider Michael van der Vleuten riding on Ryttergaardens Herklues. Van der Vleuten was very impressed by the Fjord horses and said it's not luck when you have a good horse, to win.

The internet, YouTube and Facebook has been floated with videos and article about how the impressive fjord horses was. All 4 horses was excellent and delivered maybe this year's best promotion if the abilities to the Fjord Horse.

The four Fjord horses participating ended First, Third, fourth and fifth. The horses was: Ryttergaardens Herkules, Fannemels Argon, Heimlunds Lieroy og Jason Lundgård

As action says more than words go inn and look at this videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OaCEYwSeps


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